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Synergy release - 14 February 2022
Synergy release - 14 February 2022

February release 2022

Updated over a week ago

In this release pre-Valentine’s Day, we hope you love our new invoice audits functionality. We’ve also listened to your feedback (which we’re extremely grateful for!) and made updates to stage management, post-billing, project templates and project documents, as well as some other smaller enhancements.


Invoice audits

  • Audit logs will now be stored in the Synergy database, enabling you to report on invoice audit information

  • You can find all data columns in invoice reports


Stage management

  • Stages can now be deleted in stage management. The same rules around deleting stages in the work breakdown apply. Read more

  • Phases can now be added using the ‘Add’ button on the screen or edit them by clicking on the phase name

  • A new phase won’t appear until a new stage has been assigned to the phase

  • Invoice percentage is now an additional column

  • Right-click functionality has been added so you can open pages in a new tab 


  • You can now return individual transactions to WIP from an owing invoice

  • This option is available in the ‘Invoiced’ view in the transactions screen and must be filtered by the invoice number . Read more

Project templates

  • You can now alter the fee that your project template has on the planning board

  • If you want to change the project template you are using, a new pop-up will appear asking if you’d like to keep the current financials or update them. Read more

 Project documents

  • You’re now able to change between alpha and numeric revisions freely 

Sage Connect

  • Synergy has been upgraded to allow you to sync to versions 27 and 28 of Sage


  • New, smaller error banners appear in the top right of the screen. These will show you an error and when an action has been successful after

  • All project templates will now default to start and end on a business day (as opposed to a weekend day) 

  • Projects in the planning board and schedule will also be calculated in terms of business days

  • The project schedule total in the top right will now include all stages; like completed and no-billing. This total will now match the CRM screen.

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