Synergy release - 20 June 2022

June release 2022

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This June we have some exciting new updates to share with you! We have added new features to the Revenue forecasting board to make it easier to see what makes up your revenue. We have worked have to add more functionality to the project documents section and enabled SharePoint to all product levels. Read all about the changes below:


Revenue Forecasting

  • Filter the Revenue Forecast to delve deeper than just the Gross Revenue.

  • See your forecasted revenue based on your Budget categories; Internal, External, and Expenses.

  • Internal Revenue will not only show what you’ve budgeted for Internal categories but will also include markups if there is a difference between your budget and your fee.

  • The Revenue report that you can print from the Revenue Forecast will also generate for the filter on the page, so you can generate a report to forecast your Internals Externals or Expenses. Read more

Budget Categories

  • By default, your Budget will be categorised into Internal, External, and Expenses, to give you a clear picture of your costs. But, if you prefer a more simplified view, you can change your Budget to show without categories. Read more

  • Choose a default setting for your organisation, too, so by default, all your Budgets will show without categories.

  • Create Tasks for the External and Expenses categories in your budget, too.

  • Access these new categories when creating a report

To learn more about our new Subcontractor management function and how it can work for you read the article below:

Project Information Management

  • Delete a Revision if it has not been shared, and replace it with a new revision.

  • You are now prevented from deleting a document if it has been shared

  • Sharepoint integration is now enabled for Professional Edition users.

  • ‘Attention to’ and ‘Sender’ bookmarks are now exposed for project document templates


  • You can now attach PDFs to cash expenses in the timesheet section.

  • An Actual Units bookmark has been added to the Transactions table in Document templates. This bookmark will show you the actual amount of time staff have worked on a stage.

  • Add the 'Scope of Work' to your project templates.

  • Improved performance and saving speed when bulk resourcing in the Resource Planning board.

  • The CRM search bar functionality not working correctly has been resolved.

  • All credits will now sync to WIISE even if there have been changes made or they were created in a different month.

  • We have retired our support for the drawboard / bullclip integration API v1.0, and this integration is no longer available.

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