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Subcontractor management overview
Subcontractor management overview

subcontractor management overview

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Subcontractor management is a new tool that will enable you to see your revenue breakdown by categories in the Budget screen and Revenue Forecasting board. This article will help you learn more about the Subcontractor management function and its components including:

Rate Categories and Rate Types

In Synergy, every Rate is associated with a Rate Type, and these are associated with a Rate Category.

There are 3 Rate Categories:

  • Internal

  • External

  • Expenses

The existing rate types are all associated with a rate category automatically and these pairings are fixed. The rate categories and rate type groups are as follows:

Rate Category

Rate Types


Staff, Inspection


Supplier, Subcontractor


Office expenses, Travel expenses, Cash expenses

Budget Breakdown

Each project's budget will be separated into the Internal, External and Expenses Categories. You will be able to add budget tasks directly into the categories and will help in clearly seeing which tasks and rates belong where.

By default, these categories will be enabled, however, you can disable this in your Configuration settings (Organisation > Settings > Organisation > Configuration).

You can also enable and disable categorisation per Project directly in the Budget screen.

Revenue Forecasting Screen

When you enter the Revenue Forecast screen it will always show you the weighted Gross Revenue. We’ve now introduced additional filters to show your Forecast by Internal, External and Expense Categories. You can access these views by selecting them at the top of the board.

External and Expenses will show only Rates from their respective Categories. Internals, however, will include any difference between the Fees and the Budget, so if you’re using the difference between these for a markup, it will be included in Internal.


The Gross totals tab can be customised however, Internals, Externals and Expenses will remain as a linear forecast.


The view you have open will determine which revenue forecast report you can download from that screen. These reports are weighted by likelihood percentage.

For example, when on the Externals screen, you will generate the External Forecast Report.

You will also be able to access non-weighted and weighted forecast reports in the Reporting function of Synergy.

The reports below will be in the standard synergy reports list:

  • Weighted forecast (Gross revenue view)

  • Non-weighted forecast (Gross revenue view)

  • Internal weighted

  • Internal non-weighted

  • External weighted

  • External non-weighted

  • Expenses weighted

  • Expenses non-weighted

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