How to add or edit office details

How to set up office details

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Edition: Professional, Business, Enterprise

User-level: Assistant Administrator, System Administrator

The 'offices' screen will allow you to set up and/or edit your head office details including ABN, phone number, socials, and address, as well as default templates, numbering systems, and rate group.

The office details entered can be pulled through to document templates using the corresponding bookmarks.

Editing your Office

  1. Click on the Organisation drop down > Settings > Organisation > Offices

  2. Click the Edit pencil near your Head office

    • If you have Enterprise, you can set up Multi-Office, but you will only ever have one Head Office and this selection can not be changed.

  3. You can now fill out each detail subset below.


  • Head office name (mandatory) - your organisation name or name of your head office

  • ABN

  • ACN


  • Mobile

  • Phone

  • Work

  • Other


  • Email

  • Website

  • Twitter

  • LinkedIn

  • Skype

  • Other


  • Address

  • Suburb

  • State

  • Postcode

  • Country

Projects and Invoicing

  • Project number (mandatory) - select the default project number that will be applied each time a new job is created.

  • Invoice number (mandatory) - select the default invoice numbering system that will be used each time a new invoice is finalised.

  • Credit number (mandatory) - select the default credit numbering system that will be used each time a new credit note is created.

  • Invoice template - select the default invoice template that will be used when creating a new invoice. If nothing is selected the default will be based on the template that is marked as default in the document templates screen.

You will want to have already set up your project numbers, invoice prefixes, credit note prefixes, and invoice templates so you can select the appropriate default.


  • Default rate group - select the rate group that will be the default applied when setting up a new project.

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