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Projects in Multi-Office

Assigning projects to a different office, when you have Multi-Office set up

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Edition: Enterprise

User-level: Director, System Administrator

Previous steps: Set up Multi-office

When you have Multi-Office set up, you can change the office that the project is being worked on from. By default, when a project is created, it will select the 'Primary' office of the person creating the project. If that same person has access to the other offices, they can change the office during creation, or come back and make the change at a later date.

To make a change to a project and move it into another office:

  1. Go to Organisation drop down > Projects

  2. Find or search the project you need to edit, click the edit pencil > details.

  3. Click the Edit button

  4. Click the blue pencil button under "Office"

  5. Select your new office for this project and save

    • All existing invoices, transactions and Sharepoint will remain linked to the original office. Any new invoices or transactions after the move, will be linked to the new office.

  6. Now save the Project details.


  • A project can't belong to two offices

  • If you create a project from the project planning page, you cannot choose the office. You will need to go back to project details to change it.

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