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Assigning Staff to Offices

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Edition: Enterprise

User-level: Director, System Administrator

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When you have Multi-Office set up you can assign a staff member to as many offices as needed from the staff details page.

By default, when a new staff member is added they will be assigned to 'Head office'. You can leave this as is, or you can select an additional office (or offices) they will work in.

If you have already created and saved your new staff member, or a staff member has moved or needs to be added to an additional office, you can edit their staff file and add them using the steps below.

  1. Go to Organisation drop down > Staff List

  2. Find the Staff member (use search if needed) and click the edit pencil > edit.

  3. Under the Office section on the right-hand side, select the additional office/s you're assigning this staff member to.

    • The office selected as 'Is Primary' will have a tick in both boxes. This will be their default office.

  4. Use 'Selected' for any secondary offices they will need to be apart of.

  5. Click Save.

If you need to change the Primary office, you need to select the Secondary office before it will allow you to select that office as Primary. This will also release the original Primary office and allow you to un-check it, if required.

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