Excel Import with Multi-Office

Using Excel Import with Multi-Office

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Edition: Enterprise

User-level: System Administrator

With Multi-Office, you can utilise the optional "Office" columns within the relevant spreadsheet to nominate an Office that will be the Primary office for the imported Staff or Projects.

Before you start

If you leave the Office column blank, it will inherit the Primary office of the user doing this import (ie. If my Primary office is Melbourne, every staff member or project I import will inherit Melbourne as the Primary office).

  • It is not possible to nominate additional/secondary offices during the import (this can be done after the import for Staff).

  • The project financials will inherit the project's office and there will be no effect when importing contacts.

Staff data import example

In the screenshot below as an example of a Staff data import spreadsheet, you will see:
Adam and Anne will be uploaded with Melbourne as their Primary office.
Billy-Bob will be uploaded with Sydney as his Primary office.

David will be uploaded with Brisbane as his Primary office, and Gomer and Jana are left blank, which means when uploaded they will inherit my Primary office, which happens to also be Melbourne.

Project data import example

In the screenshot below as an example of a Project data import, you will see:
Project number 2018151 will have "Sydney" as its Office.

Project numbers NYC12 and 2-145 will have Brisbane as their office, and SW11251 will inherit my Primary office, which will be Melbourne.

With the ability to do a bulk upload while nominating offices accurately, this reduces the time you would otherwise spend making these changes manually post data import.

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