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How to set up your invoice number prefixes

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Setup the default invoice numbering format for your organisation. Add custom invoice numbering formats to match your companies requirements.

What are invoice numbers?

Synergy invoice numbers are made up of 2 sections: a prefix and a sequential number counter. A prefix can contain numbers and letters. The numeric counter can be between 2 and 9 digits. You'll also be able to select the invoice number that should be used next.

How to add a new invoice number

  1. Click on the Organisation drop down > Settings > Organisation > Invoice numbers.

  2. Click on the Add button in the top right.

  3. Add the letter or numbers required as the prefix (eg. INV).

  4. Enter the numerical format.

  5. Enter the next invoice number in line ie if you have existing invoices up to INV005, the next invoice should be 6.

  6. Synergy will provide a preview of the invoice numbering sequence you've created.

  7. Save


  • The invoice number prefix must be different than the credit note prefix.

  • Most accounting systems support an invoice number format of up to 20 characters. e.g. 10 characters in the prefix, and 10 digits in the counter.

  • Do not add special characters to your invoice prefix such as /\:*?<>| as special characters can cause issues with saving data in other third party software packages. e.g. Microsoft or Mac file names don't allow these characters, and most accounting systems don't allow special characters in their job/inventory item numbers.

  • Want your prefix to include more parts of the date?
    Try out other standard date components like ddMMyyyy to get today's date as the prefix.

    • Just add a hyphen in front and after the date bookmarks added to the prefix field for this to work. E.g. -MMyyyy- or -ddMMyyyy- or -MMddyyyy- as the prefix to generate the date in front of the next number available in the sequence.
      You will then see that it shows your Prefix in text, and then on the Invoice numbers page will show you a preview.

To make an invoice number inactive

  1. Highlight the invoice number line and click the Edit pencil.

  2. Un-tick the "Active" box, then the Tick to confirm your change.


    • Note: You can also click the red x to cancel any changes you've made.

Now that you've added or edited your Invoice number, you can set it as a default under your Office Details, or set a default per Project Number.

If your Project Number has a default Invoice Number assigned, any Project created using that Project Number will use that invoice number regardless of what's been set as your Office default unless you change or remove the default on the Project Number.

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