How to use timers

Starting and using a new timer

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Set timers in Synergy to track how much time you spend on tasks, like going to meetings, updating drawings and designs, or visiting a client's site.

1. Select the timer button in the top toolbar. The first field is used for a description of what you will be working on (timesheet note) and the second field is where you can pre-select the project that it relates to. You can use the 'minutes done' field to enter minutes completed if you are starting the timer after you've already begun the task. Press the play button to start the timer.

2. Whilst the timer is running, the button shows a flashing red dot to remind you about the running timer.

3. Stop the timer by selecting the timer button in the top toolbar and clicking the pause button. In the timer settings at the top, you can choose whether you want all running timers to stop at the end of the day.

4. The task is ready to enter into your timesheets. Use the timer panel in timesheets to add this time quickly to your weekly timesheets. At this stage you can enter the stage the time relates to and edit the task and description. You can also alter the time value if needed.

Your time tracked by the timer is now added to your timesheet!


You can have multiple timers running at the same time.

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