How to navigate to 'My Notes'

Navigate to your notes in Synergy.

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Edition: Professional, Business, Enterprise

User-level: All users

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All of your Notes live in a couple of handy places. This article will show you how to get to them.

The Notes Page

The Notes page in Synergy allows you to search through your notes, so if you have many you're able to get to specific notes quickly. You're also able to access archived Notes via this page.

  1. Organisation drop down > Notes

  2. Within this page you can Add and Search for notes

    • Click the search (magnifying glass) icon to bring up the search options.

    • Click the add button to add a new Note.

  3. Click the Edit pencil on the right hand side of your notes, to Edit or Delete a note.

Dashboard Notes widget

For quick and easy access you can also view Notes on the Notes widget you can also Add and Archive notes using the widget.

  1. From the Dashboard, locate the Notes widget.

  2. Click the Add button to add a new Note.

  3. Click the ellipses to Archive or open the Note (you can also simply click the Subject line to open the note).


  • Notes on the dashboard and in 'My Notes' can only be viewed by you.

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