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Everything you need to know about the staff calendar

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The Staff calendar allows you to define the days and hours your staff work.

What is the staff calendar?

The staff calendar is located within each staff profile and enables you to define which days of the week staff members work and how many hours per day.

For each staff member created the default working hours are taken from the financial controls.

Why use the staff calendar?

The Staff calendar is linked to the timesheet leader board and missing timesheets, this defines the number of hours staff need to enter per day for their timesheet to be considered complete.

You can also update the calendar of part-time employees to reflect their true working hours each week

Where is the staff calendar?

  1. Organisation Menu > Staff

  2. Click into the staff file you would like to change the calendar of.

  3. For those with SynergyHR:
    Staff Menu> Synergy HR > Calendar.
    โ€‹For those without SynergyHR
    Staff Menu > Personal > Calendar.

Actions available

Update staff working hours/days

  1. Set the 'start' date to set the date these hours will be effective from.

  2. Enter the number of hours to be worked against each day of the week.

  3. Save.

Undo any changes made.

If you have updated the staff record by mistake, then use the 'undo last change'

  1. select the '...' in the top right hand side of the screen

  2. select 'Undo last change'

This will remove the top row of the calendars.

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