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Changing your username

how to change my username, can I change my username

Updated over a week ago

Edition: Professional, Business, Enterprise

User level: All levels

You are not able to 'Edit' or create a new username after you have signed up and created your profile.

When setting up your Synergy profile it's very important to set up your desired username correctly. A few things to help you and your company make sure there are no mistakes are:

  1. Have a username system in place which can accommodate ALL staff.

  2. Let new staff know how their username should be set up. E.g., first name/first initial of last name -- John S

  3. Get a staff member to check the username before the profile set up is complete.

NOTE: Your username cannot be changed by anyone at Total Synergy in support and the only way to 'reset' this is by deleting the user profile in Synergy and starting the process from scratch.

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