Adding a new staff member

How to add a new staff member

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Edition: Professional, Business, Enterprise

User-level: Director, Assistant Administrator, System Administrator

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Before a new user is able to access Synergy you will need to set them up as a staff member in your organisation and invite them in. Once the below steps have been completed the user will be able to access the organisation, set up their profile and complete other tasks.

To create a new staff member in synergy follow the steps below:

  1. Click the Organisation drop down > Staff

  2. Click 'Add' in the top right of the main staff page.

  3. Type the first and last names

  4. Set the security level (Security Matrix)

  5. Type the email address - This needs to be a valid email as the new staff member will be emailed an invitation to join your Synergy organisation.

  6. Add any additional details of the staff member including phone, address, job title and to who they will report.

  7. Additionally, you can set up their Staff Calendar, Costs and Rates.

  8. 'Save' all of your changes.

Once you have saved the profile a welcome email will be sent to the staff member. They will be able to click through the email and update their own general staff details.


  • If you are adding personal details regarding a staff member they will only be seen by Director and System Administrator access and placed in a personal details section.

  • Staff can only edit the 'security level' if they have Administrator access.

  • If you're having trouble adding new staff member, check that you have enough licenses to cover this person.

  • Make sure the email address is fully functional before adding them to Synergy. If the new mailbox is still being configured, or not yet configured, their email address will be blocked by our server for 7 days.

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