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You're able to see staff information in the staff file and the user profile in Synergy and although the two may sound similar there are a few key differences that you need to know.

The User profile

A staff member's user profile is their profile - anything they change in here can only be changed by them and will only be viewable by them.

If they change their name in their Profile, this will not impact their staff file and vice versa.

Think of the User profile as a portal into Synergy, which can be used to access any Organisation that uses Synergy and has added this User's email address.

A staff's user profile can be located in the top right corner of the screen in Synergy and can only be accessed by that staff member.

Staff can perform the following actions:

  • Name Change

  • Viewing their username

  • Adding a social login

  • Changing their primary email (*Note below)

  • Changing their password

  • Uploading a staff profile picture

  • Adding personal information including address and contact information

  • Viewing all originations and portals they belong to

NOTE: The email address in the User profile is what needs to match on the Staff file.
If you remove the email address being used by an Organisation to add you, you will lose access to that Organisation until you add that email address again (as a secondary/additional email address).

The Staff file

The 'Staff' page of Synergy is where you will find all of the staff files. Here you can Add, Edit or Remove staff from the organisation as well as view staff details. This section has access limits which can be found in the Security Matrix.

In a Staff file you can:

  • View a range of staff information including: name, email, job title, reports to, default rate, unique ID, start date and user level.

  • Add in personal information including: contact information, home address, social profiles and custom data fields.

  • Assign staff to: offices and teams.

  • Add and Edit information relating to staff financials (rates & cost).

  • Store temporary files including download of reports and other documentation.

As above, if you change a staff member's email address to something other than what they have in their User profile, they will lose access to the Organisation and will need to set up a new User profile in order to access the Organisation's Synergy account as a user.

If a new staff member is unable to login you will also be able to resend the welcome email from edit pencil found on their information line in the Staff page, or via their Details page.

TIP: Do not add a user to Synergy until IT have confirmed the new staff member's email address/inbox is completely finalised - doing so before the inbox has been set up will cause our "Welcome email" to block itself from the user's email address to prevent spam; this takes 7 days to clear and will require you to contact Support if they need access beforehand.

NOTE: No one can change a user's username in Synergy, so be mindful when you set your profile up that you use a username that is suitable for any occasion, the ideal format is a first name_last name. This is also not something that anyone at Total Synergy can change for you either, the only way of changing a username is by deleting and recreating your User Profile.

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