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How do I check for inactive rates?
How do I check for inactive rates?

Check for inactive rates post-migration

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Edition: Enterprise, Business

User-level: System administrator

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Rate groups in Synergy V4 desktop were created using staff rates only.
All other rate types including supplier markup, subcontractor markup, cash expense, travel expense, office expense, and site inspection were stored in a master rates list that was available for use on all projects.
As Synergy cloud allows all rate types to be included in a rate group, the master rates list is included in each migrated rate group. These rates are set to Inactive during the migration process and need to be set to Active post-migration to allow bills and staff cash and travel expenses to be entered.
Inactive rates can be set as Active using these steps.

1. Organisation menu > Settings > Financial > Rates

2. The Standard rate group opens by default. Click on the ‘Show # inactive rates’ button.

3. Inactive rates have their details displayed with a strikethrough. Select the rates to make Active by clicking the checkbox to the left of the rate name

4. Click the down arrow on the grey button at the bottom left of the screen > Set as active

4. Repeat these steps on all your custom rate groups

The option to include all rate types in a rate group helps to limit the available rates that can staff can select from when entering bills, timesheets, or expenses


Can't see a rate in the rate drop-down when entering bills, timesheets, or expenses? This means the rate group on the stage you've selected still has inactive rates. Once the rates in that rate group have been Set as active, you'll be able to select them from the list

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