Updating your V4 database

Updating your V4 database on the day of your final migration

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Edition: Synergy desktop

User-level: System administrator

Previous steps: Trial migration sandbox

Complete the following tasks to prepare your V4 database ready for the final migration to Synergy cloud


Ensure all transactions have been entered into your Synergy V4 database. These include:

  • Timesheets

  • Staff cash & travel expenses

  • Bills

  • Office expenses

Staff who enter time and expenses using V4 Synergy Cloud Services (SCS), must also enter these prior to 3 pm on the day of the final migration.

Access to both the on-premises Synergy V4 database and SCS will be blocked once the final migration commences.

Unapproved transactions

Run the V4toV5 Unapproved Timesheets report to identify transactions with a status of declined, pending, in dispute, or not submitted.

The transactions need to be approved or submitted to be included in your migration.

Unallocated costs

These are transactions that have been entered against the Unallocated costs subprojects. As Unallocated costs subprojects can't be migrated to Synergy cloud, it's important that any transactions entered against them are WIP transferred into other subprojects to prevent data loss.

Use the Unallocated costs report to identify projects with these transactions.

Draft invoices

Draft invoices can't be migrated to Synergy cloud. Check for any draft invoices and either delete or finalise them.

Select Draft from the screen filter options located at the top right of the Invoice Maintenance screen to display invoices with a status of Draft. The Invoice Maintenance screen can be accessed from the Projects menu > Invoice Maintenance

Run a final Connect

Run a final Connect session to MYOB AccountRight Live or Xero. this will ensure that invoices and expenses are up to date in your accounting system, and invoice payments are up to date in Synergy.

V4 Connect settings can't be migrated. Screenshots of your Connect configuration in Synergy V4 will be required to help you configure Connect in Synergy cloud post-migration.

Run the project recalculation tool

Run this maintenance tool located under Tools > Project recalculation to align project, subproject, and transaction level totals.

Set the From date to 1/1/1900 by typing the date into the field. Click Save to run the tool.

Completing all these steps ensures that your final migration will run as smoothly as possible.

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