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How to check your data in sandbox
How to check your data in sandbox

Considerations for validating your migrated data from v4 to cloud

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During your trial migration, Total Synergy will run reports to compare the data from v4, to what has been migrated to cloud. Should any discrepancies arise, Total Synergy will resolve these prior to inviting you into your sandbox trial.

It's also important that you use your sandbox trial to validate the data yourself as the data that you see in the trial will be what comes across in the final migration. If you have concerns that there is something missing, or something is incorrect, it is important you flag this with our team during the trial so it can be resolved.

Example reports to consider running as a data comparison:

  • WIP/transaction report

  • Aged debtor report

  • Project list


Don't forget that your sandbox trial only includes data up until the day that it was run (and may include test data that you've added during the trial). When running comparison reports in v4 and cloud, you'll want to narrow down the period to a time that data is in both environments.

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