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How to create a Contact Documents & Letters
How to create a Contact Documents & Letters

Learn how to create a Document or Letter for a Contact.

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Edition: Professional, Business, Enterprise

User-level: All user levels.

Previous steps: How to add Contacts

Create a contact document by:

  1. Open the contact of choice.

  2. Go to Documents from the Contact drop down > Documents
    Or click "xx Documents" on the stats bar.

  3. Click the create button.

  4. Select which Document type you'd like to create, a Document or a Letter.

  5. Select which document template to use to create the file

    • Note: The document type will determine which Template can be used, you can't use a Document template for a Letter, for example.

  6. Select which folder you'd like to save the document in.

  7. Name the document by clicking into the Document name box (for Letters you will click the Edit pencil for File name).

    • If you don't give the file a name, it will generate one for you; this can be modified once generated if you forget.

  8. Click 'finish' to create the word document.

  9. Open the contact document and edit the output as required if in Word output.

  10. Save the updated copy of the Word document back to the contact folder of choice.


  • Document templates are configured by the System Administrator.

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