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How to enable Fieldbook and add users
How to enable Fieldbook and add users

Learn how to add users to Synergy Fieldbook, granting them access to the application whilst on site.

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Edition: Professional, Business, Enterprise

User-level: System Administrator

Unlike other Synergy Add-ons, Fieldbook is enabled on a per-user basis. This means you have to select each user you wish to have access to Fieldbook and only need to purchase licenses for those users.

How to add Fieldbook to your Synergy Subscription

  1. From the Organisation drop down menu, go to Subscription.

  2. Click on Change product, users or storage

Add the number of users and assign staff

  1. Under Add-ons, tick 'Fieldbook' and enter the number of users you want to give Fieldbook access to.

  2. Assign Staff

    • Click on the ‘+’ icon.

    • Click ‘+ Add’ in the sidebar to add the staff member you want to give Fieldbook access to. You can add as many staff members as indicated by the number of users attached to your subscription.

  3. Click Calculate at the bottom of the page.

  4. Click Next, confirm your payment details.

Once you've enabled the add-on and Assigned staff, all that is left to do is assign Project Tasks to the staff - now they can start using the application on site.


  • If you have a lot of staff, you can search for a specific person in the "Assign staff" window.

  • To remove a user, repeat these steps and instead of clicking "Add", choose "Remove" from the Assign staff pane.

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