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How to add positive and negative leave adjustments
How to add positive and negative leave adjustments

Everything you need to know about making leave adjustments in Synergy HR

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Edition: Professional*, Business*, Enterprise*

User-level: Director, System administrator

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In Synergy HR you have the ability to make adjustments to staff leave balances as at any point in time. This is useful for when you have moved from another HR system to Synergy HR or simply want to retroactively adjust leave balances when things change, or mistakes are made. From the team availability register you are able to make both positive and negative leave balance adjustments for individual staff members or for teams and direct reports. This makes adjusting balances for any of your leave policies a quick and easy process.

Add a positive or negative leave adjustment.

Click the Organisation menu > Availability > Register > Add > Add adjustment.

> fill in the details for the request you are adjusting > Save.

*Note - the start date is the 'as at date' you are adjusting the leave balance for.
The field to the right of the start date is where you put in the 'new' or adjusted number of days that staff member has in their balance.

The adjusted leave balance will show in the team availability register and be visible to the staff member(s) in their individual availability register.

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