Standard Project Tasks

Creating and editing standard project tasks

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Standard project tasks are used to add timesheet entries when a stage has no tasks attached to it, or if there are no tasks matching the purpose of the timesheet entry.

How to set up standard project tasks

Using the Organisation dropdown menu, navigate to Settings > Timesheets > Standard project tasks. This page will display a list of all active standard project tasks:

Use the tick boxes to mark any tasks you wish to change using the multi-option button at the bottom of the page. This will allow you to make the tasks active or inactive, as well as delete them in bulk.

The edit button to the right of each task will allow you to edit or delete them individually.

New standard project tasks can be added by selecting the Add button in the top-right corner of the page. When adding a new task, leave the Utilised box ticked if timesheet entries with this task counts towards staff utilisation/productivity:

How to use standard project tasks

Standard project tasks appear in the Timesheets page when defining a task for a timesheet entry. They appear for stages with and without tasks, and have their own category as shown below:

Simply select a standard task from the list to use it.

If the selected stage has tasks attached to it, those tasks will always appear first and in bold.

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