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Task lists, missing tasks and task start times.

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Edition: Professional, Business, Enterprise

User-level: Any user with Fieldbook access.

Learn about the Fieldbook task list, start timers, and how to access it via your phone/tablet and complete timesheet entries.

The task list page is where you can see all tasks that are assigned to you.

  • There can be more than one task assigned to you.

  • Each task is displayed as a tile with their location pinned on the map, with the project and stage name, followed by task name (big and bold), as well as the Due date.

  • The Tasks will appear in order of their Due dates so you will always know what to prioritise.

  • Clicking on the task tile takes you to the task details page.

Tasks Details Page

The Task details page is where you can see all the relevant information about the task, and log any details about the work.

This has the added benefit of saving you time when you log your timesheets in Synergy, as all of the information about the work you did on this task will be prefilled (time, notes, expenses), which takes away any need to remember or get your notebook out, and removes the Admin work after a long day/week!

Below the task details, you have:

  • Existing time logged against this task.

    • This will keep a record of all work undertaken against this task and the timesheets logged.

  • Timer

    • Start a new timer when you start or continue working on this task.

    • You can pause the timer, and start it again; this can be used to factor in breaks or any disruption to the task on the day.

  • Start time selector

    • This will be added to your Timesheet's Time note, to detail what time you started.

  • Notes

    • Anything you need to add about this task, this will be included with the Start Time on your Timesheet's Time notes.

  • People

    • You can change add other staff members that are on site with you working on this same task (ie. your team). Anything you log for this task, will also be automatically applied to your team's timesheets.

  • Consumables

    • Log any consumables you used.

  • Mileage register

    • Log any mileage accumulated for your task, this will automatically be added to your timesheet under Travel.

  • Cash expenses

    • Log and upload receipts for anything you need to expense, this will be added with notes and the receipt upload to your timesheet under Cash.

Once you have filled everything here out, your timesheet will automatically be added to Synergy, which saves you time.

Searching for Tasks

By default, the task list will show you any task assigned to you that have a due date within the last 30 days, as well as any future tasks.

You can remove the limit of the date range, which by default is -/+90 days of due date for the task, by clicking the "Advanced Search" option near the Search box, then choosing "No limit".

Using the Search box, you can search by:

  • Project name

  • Project number

  • Phase name

  • Stage name

  • Task name

  • A combination of the above

  • Partial matches will be found (ie. Project number MEL01012023 will be found searching 2023, or MEL01)

It is recommended that you refine your search so that you don't reach the limit (names are often duplicated across many projects). The search results are limited to 20 results.

Tips and Notes!

  • If you do not see a task you know is assigned to you, check the Due date on the task in Synergy.

  • You can click on the Map to have it up on your mobile device's default map application (ie. Google Maps, Apple Maps).

  • You will only be able to find tasks that are on a Project and stage that allows for timesheet entries.

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