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Creating and Using Custom Fields

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Custom fields enable you to capture any extra information you need in Synergy, and are included in our reporting engine as well as document templates.

How to create Custom fields

To create custom fields, use the Organisation dropdown menu to navigate to Settings > Organisation > Custom fields. Add a new custom field using the Add button in the top-right corner of the page:

Custom field options

Custom fields can be added to the following areas of Synergy:

  • Projects

  • Stages

  • Contact records and personnel

  • Staff records (Staff details page, and if you have the HR add-on, staff private details).

Select the area in which the custom field should appear, followed by the expected value to be entered in the field:

Some options like Number or Drop down list will require rules or formatting for the value to be entered. For example, in the drop down shown above, three options have been entered.

If a custom field should be mandatory, select the Is required tick box.

Custom fields in reporting

Custom fields are accessible in reporting, and have their own sub-categories. For example, within the Projects category, custom fields appear as a sub-category and can be used as report columns, filters, and sorting/grouping rules:

Custom fields in templates

Custom fields can be used in document templates as bookmarks. However, they do not appear in template tables.

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