Project List Overview

How to view and use the Project List

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Edition: Professional, Business, Enterprise

User-level: User*, Assistant Project Manager and above

*Limited view

The project list displays all projects created in your organisation. Four views are available to use so you can see key information at a glance and the list can be sorted by clicking on a column heading.

Refine the project list to easily find projects by using the project list filter options. Selected filter options can be saved so you can access them later. You can also create and save a default filter that will be applied each time you use the project list.

Project List Views

Four different views are available for the project list.

  • Default - this view shows basic project details including project number, project name, primary contact, project start and end dates, project manager, status, and star rating. Non-billable projects are displayed with the following symbol

  • Site address - this option shows the full site address of each project

  • Tags - all tags that have been added to each project will be shown in this view (tags are used as keywords that appear in global search results within Synergy)

  • Fees- use the fees view to see project fee/cap, agreed fee/cap, net invoiced (ex tax) total, residual, WIP value, total charge, net residual, and rating.

The view can be changed by clicking the View icon at the top right, then selecting the preferred view from the drop-down list (needs new image with projects):


Click the Filter icon at the top left of the page to view the project list filters.

Available filter options are:

  • Active - use this filter to see unarchived projects, archived projects, or both

  • Billable - use this filter to display billable projects, non-billable projects, or both

  • Custom field - filter using the selected custom fields

  • Office - filter by the selected project office or offices

  • Prefix - filter using the selected project prefixes

  • Project Manager - filter using the names of staff who have been set as the project manager on projects

  • Project status - filter by the selected project status category. Status categories are Proposal, Active, Pending Invoice, On hold, Unsuccessful and Complete

  • Project tags - filter using the selected project tags

  • Project type - filter using the selected project types

Saving and loading filters

Selected filter options can be saved as custom filters that you can load when required. Use these steps to save a custom filter:

  1. Select your filter options, then click the Save icon at the top of the filter panel

  2. Enter a name for the filter, tick the "Set as default checkbox" to set this as your default filter if required then click Save Filter.

  3. To load another saved filter, click the Saved filters icon at the top of the filter panel

  4. The saved filters are displayed. The default filter will display a teal star next to the filter name. Saved filters can also be deleted by clicking the delete icon. Set a different filter as the default filter by clicking the star icon.

  5. Select the filter name from the list to load and apply the filter.

Star Rating

In the final column of each project in the project list is a star rating, ranging from 1-5. The star rating is a visual indication of project performance, or earned value management, that looks at the following criteria to determine how a project is performing:

  • Project start and end date

  • Project budget

  • WIP/transactions

  • Recovery

Column Sorting

Click a column heading to sort the project list using that column. Projects will be sorted in ascending or descending order.

The icon displayed to the right of the selected column heading indicates the sort order. A downward arrow indicates that the list is in descending order. An upward arrow indicates that the list is in ascending order.

Row Actions

Project information can be opened directly by selecting an option from the row actions menu. To access the menu options, hover over the end of the project row, click on the ellipsis button then select your preferred option.

  • Open in new tab will open the project details in a new browser tab so you can still access the project list.

  • Open will open the selected project.

  • Clicking any of the remaining options will open that project page in your current browser tab​​

Other Actions Available for the Project List

  • Add - select the Add button in the top-right corner of the page to create a new project

  • Custom field updater - click the grey ellipsis button in the top-right corner of the page to export your project and stage custom fields to use with the custom field updater

  • Multi-select actions - select projects in the list by ticking the checkbox to the left of the project number, then click the white ellipsis button in the top-left corner and select an action from the list.

    • Update custom field - this option allows you to complete a basic update of project custom fields

    • Archive - use this option to Archive projects with a status category of Unsuccessful or Complete. Once Archived, these projects are only displayed when the Active filter with the Archived option is applied

    • Unarchive - use this option to Unarchive projects so they are displayed in the project list when other filters are applied

    • Delete - use this option to delete projects with a status category of Proposal. Other criteria must be met before this action can be completed

    • Bulk create draft - use this option to bulk create draft invoices for the selected projects

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