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Synergy offers a range of Analytics Dashboards to help you understand the way your business is performing across key operational functions, including Business, People, Projects, Sales, and Finance.

These Dashboards connect and present curated data from across your projects in a visual format, through graphics, charts, and tables. Presenting your information this way makes it easy to discover patterns and trends in your performance and develop actionable insights you can use to drive your decision making.

Synergy Analytics Dashboards include:

Business Analytics Dashboard

The Business Analytics Dashboard presents data on general key business areas including invoiced revenue, work charged, WIP, and recoverability.

Finance Analytics Dashboard

The Finance Analytics Dashboard presents data on aged debtors and aged WIP so you can easily keep track of your finances.

Sales Analytics Dashboard

The Sales Analytics Dashboard presents data on your project proposals so you can track their progress and analyses wins and losses.

Projects Analytics Dashboard

The Projects Analytics Dashboard presents data on key project areas such as WIP and fees.

People Analytics Dashboard

The People Analytics Dashboard presents data on your staff so you can more effectively keep track of your resourcing. It includes details such as utilisation, headcount, and team capacity.

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