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Why can't I select a role when adding staff to a project?
Why can't I select a role when adding staff to a project?

What to do when you are unable to select the desired role for a staff or project contact

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Edition: Professional, Business, Enterprise

User-level: Assistant Administrator, System Administrator

Previous steps: How to add contacts

If you are adding a staff or contact to the project contacts list, and you are unable to select a specific role for them, it will be because the role is not available for that contact type.

To change this, you will need to go to Settings > Contact List > Roles.

This is a list of all the roles possible for Staff and Contacts in Synergy. On the left you can see the name of the role. The columns on the right show what Synergy person has access to that role.

Make sure that the role you want to use has the appropriate type selected. For example, if you want staff on a project to be set as this role, make sure the staff role is selected. If you don't want it to be used for a contact, make sure it is deselected.

You can also set the default roles for both staff and contacts. The default role will be the one that shows before you select any role as you add a contact or staff to a project. If you don't want a role to be used anymore, you can also deactivate a role by deselecting the Active checkbox.

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