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Project Schedule in Project Templates
Project Schedule in Project Templates

Editing the schedule page of project templates

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Edition: Business, Enterprise

User-level: Director, Assistant Administrator, System Administrator

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The Schedule page is available in project templates and can be utilised to create dependencies between stages, define stage start and end dates across a timeline, and flesh out the resources needed for them.

Navigating to the Schedule page

Using the template dropdown menu, navigate to Plan > Schedule to open the Schedule page:

Timeline and Team Builder

The Schedule page in project templates works in the same way as the Schedule page in projects. Use the timeline to define the duration of the project and the stages within it. When the template is applied to a project, the length of the stages will proportionally expand or contract based on the project's start and end dates.

The team builder also functions the same way it does in projects. Assign roles/rates to each stage, or if the template is being created for a specific team, assign staff to each stage instead.

By setting up a budget and schedule in your project templates, projects and proposals will have detailed information with just a few clicks.

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