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How do I set the timesheet lock date?

Setting a date to limit transaction entry.

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Edition: Professional, Business, Enterprise

User-level: System Administrator

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Control what months or financial periods staff can enter time or expenses within using the lock date. When your financial system (like MYOB or Xero) has the lock date updated, you can update the date in Synergy to match to ensure that no further transactions are created in closed off periods.

1. Navigate to the Configuration Menu (Organisation Dropdown > Settings > Organisation > Configuration)

2. Find Transaction Lock Date under Accounting

3. Enter your desired date.

NOTE: Any transactions will not be able to be entered into the system on or prior to this date.

Once a date has been entered against this setting all timesheets will be locked and no staff will be able to enter the following transaction types:

  • Time

  • Cash Expenses

  • Travel Expenses

In addition any Bills or Office Expenses will not be able to added into the system prior to the lock date.

Any timesheets prior to this date will also no longer be considered a missing timesheet.

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