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Everything you need to know about creating invoice documents

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Edition: Professional, Business, Enterprise

User-level: Project manager and above

Creating an invoice document for a client in Synergy is as simple as one click! There are a few different actions that create an invoice document.

Creating an invoice document

An invoice document will be created when once you 'Save' the invoice as a draft or you 'Save and finalise' the invoice.

From the invoice screen > 'Save draft' OR 'Save and finalise':

The invoice document is created using the 'default' template for invoices setup by your Synergy System Administrator in the document templates settings area. After finalising the invoice document a PDF version is created for each invoice version. The Word DOCX file and the PDF files are automatically saved in the Invoices folder under 'Project tab > Project Information > Document Register.

Customising an invoice document

Once your invoice document has been created you are able to customise the document to make sure it reflects what you are wanting to send to the client. You can customise your document by following the prompts below:

  1. Download the invoice DOCX file

  2. Edit the DOCX file as required

  3. Upload the updated DOCX file to create a new file version

  4. Reset the layout back to the default contents (removing any customisations)

  5. Switch the document template used for creating the invoice document*

  6. When the document is in DRAFT status, you will not be able to write over bookmarks or edit the information within fee tables as that information is coming from within Synergy. In order to edit that information the document must be saved and finalised.

*NOTE: This feature is available in Synergy Business and Enterprise products only.

Creating and editing an invoice document in Synergy is as simple as that!

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