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Adding Timesheets for Another Member of Staff
Adding Timesheets for Another Member of Staff

Use this article to learn how to add timesheets on behalf of another member of staff.

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Edition: Professional, Business, Enterprise

User-level: All users*

Previous steps: How to Enter a Timesheet

*If you have staff that report to you, you can add timesheets for them, and their direct reports.

By default only Assistant Administrators, and System Administrators can add time for anyone that does not report to them and this can be modified in the Security Matrix under Timesheets (project).

  1. Navigate to the Timesheets screen from either:

    • the Organisation Dropdown > Timesheets,

    • Using the icon highlighted below on the Toolbar

  2. Click on the Profile icon to display the drop down menu of staff members.

  3. Select the member of staff for whom you are adding the timesheet.

  4. Enter a timesheet for the selected staff member.

  5. Remember to click 'Save' at the top right hand corner of the timesheet.

You have now entered a timesheet for another member of staff!


If your user level is User, you will only be able to see staff members who report directly to you in the drop-down menu of staff members. Check your user level by asking your System Administrator.

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