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Synergy Analytics Plus Projects Dashboards
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There are five distinct Projects Dashboards available as part of your Synergy Analytics Plus Add-On, which offer a range of insights into your Projects.

Each dashboard displays a variety of graphs, charts, and tables, and is interactive with the ability to apply multiple filters to customise the data you’re analysing. You can learn more about how to read and use the functionality included in your dashboards in our article: Reading your Analytics and Analytics Plus Dashboards in Synergy.

Choose from the list below to see in depth info on each dashboard/report

Projects Overview Dashboard

See a high level view of projects, including fee info segmented by things like project type, discipline or cost centre.

Drill into individual projects to get further info, or filter by status

Snapshot Dashboard

Snapshot displays multiple key metrics to provide as much insight to your projects as possible. When used in combination with the filters and the calculated Totals, you will have a high-level overview and summaries for multiple segmented or grouped projects.

This is one of the most versatile dashboards in Synergy Analytics Plus, and provides many ways to slice and interpret project data

Map Dashboard

Pretty fancy!

When your jobs have latitude/longitude data filled in, use the map to show where your work is across the world.

Note** We won't enable this for your organisation by default - check the security considerations here before you enable it!

Financials Dashboard

Understand charge, invoice and cost totals over time, and drill into any projects to see more granular detail.

The top right graph shows key financial info for the projects you've filtered to, and will show you projects in good health, or ones that may need further attention.

Forecasting Dashboard

An easy-to-follow breakdown of your forecasting data from Synergy, with a month by month projection based on your project financials and a listing to provide details for your projects.

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