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Synergy release - 19th February 2024
Synergy release - 19th February 2024

February release

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In this release, you can enjoy enhanced security matrix functionality by customizing access levels and simplifying navigation for your convenience. Plus, you can now take advantage of Customised Stage and Resource Editing, making project planning easier and giving you more time for design.

Settings - Enhanced Access Control in Security Matrix

This enhancement puts you in control of your access permissions. With this release, we're making it easier for you to manage your team's access, ensuring accuracy, privacy, and efficiency.

Create up to 6 additional access levels, complete with customisable names and permissions. For instance, you can create specific access levels tailored for HR or new starter roles without granting unnecessary access to financial data.


  • Greater Control: You have increased control over access permissions, ensuring the right people have precisely the access they need.

  • Efficiency: Enhanced controls and fewer restrictions make your Synergy platform experience more efficient.

  • Simplified Navigation: We've also added handy features like search filters and expand/collapse views to streamline permissions management.

How It Works

Access these changes from the "More" menu on the page, labelled "Manage Custom Access Levels." Once you've created a new access level, you can customize its capabilities within the Security Matrix. During the creation process, you'll select an existing default level that the new one is based on, determining inherited and unexposed options from the Security Matrix.

Where to Access the Security Matrix

Navigate to Settings > Organisation > Security Matrix.

NOTE: This release particularly benefits System Admin, Project Manager, and Director access levels and is exclusively available to our Enterprise customers.

To learn more about security access permissions <Read the guide>

Planning Boards - Customised Stage and Resource Editing for Better Project Delivery

With this update, you can now fine-tune resourcing requirements when extending a stage or a specific resource's duration in Project Planning & Schedule boards.

Precisely manage your resource allocation when adjusting project timelines. You can choose between 'Maintaining Weekly Effort' or 'Preserving Total Hours,' enabling you to tailor resource adjustments to your unique project needs.


  • Efficiency: Easily modify resource workloads and durations, making project planning and execution more efficient. Keep your teams on track and meet deadlines with ease.

  • Enhanced Project Delivery: Achieve better project outcomes and potentially reduce project costs by making precise resource adjustments and optimizing resource allocation.

How It Works

  • Resource management: Gain precise control over resource allocation when extending project timelines. Choose 'Keep weekly effort' or 'Keep the total hours' to align with your specific requirements.

  • Easy keyboard shortcuts: Enjoy more flexibility in managing resources within project delivery mode by adjusting individual resource pills with shortcuts like CTRL and Shift.

  • Improved Project Planning: Ensure project schedules are adhered to and milestones are achieved on time by maintaining weekly hours while adjusting timelines.

  • Undo Functionality: Easily undo resource changes that no longer align with project requirements, minimizing potential disruptions. Quickly correct mistakes and maintain project accuracy by cancelling resource drag-and-drop actions.

How to Access Customised Resource Editing

Navigate to Organisation dropdown > Planning boards > Project Planning

NOTE: This feature is tailored for project manager users and is exclusively available to our Enterprise customers.

To learn how to use custom stage and resource management <Read the guide>

Additional improvements

  • To comply with new Google requirements for sending domain authentication, we have updated our DNS requirements for all customers using custom email. <Read more>


  • Staff: Corrected error messages displaying incorrectly when setting a Staff member as inactive.

  • Templates: Addressed template-related problem causing start and end date changes.

  • Exports: Fixed export issue excluding Projects with non-hexadecimal characters in their name.

  • Documents: Resolved regeneration problem for the Proposal Document.

  • Resource planning: Improved accuracy of Public Holiday leave display in Resource Planning.

  • Projects: Ensured correct calculation of Project and Stages Forecast in reporting when used in expressions. Additionally, resolved issue hiding the 'Export Project Custom Field' option for Business Edition customers.

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For a complete list of 2024 monthly release technical notes download the PDF.

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