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Save and load filtering in Synergy

How to create, save and load filters across Synergy

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Edition: All

User-level: All (when that user level has access to the page where filtering is enabled)

Previous steps: None

Save and load filtering allows you to quickly view the data that's most important to you, across multiple areas of Synergy

How save and load filtering works

Creating you first filter

Once you've navigated to a page where this filtering option is available, click the filter button to begin:

Choose the filter (or combination of filters you would like to save (e.g. discipline & cost centre). You'll be able to see the applied filters as you build your custom filter:

Next apply the filter to confirm it capture the data you need. Then, use the save filter button, and name your filter:

You can set the filter to 'default' (so it will always show when you open this page), or simply save it to make it available another time.

Loading your filter list

Once you've built your list of filters, use the 'Load Filter' button to show that list, and choose to activate the filter on the screen:

Hover over any filter in your saved list to set it as default (the star) or remove it (the garbage can)

Saved Filters are not shareable, they are specific only to the individual user!

Pages where filters can be saved and loaded

You can save and load filters on the following pages:

  • Project Planning

  • Invoices

  • Resource Planning

  • Project Schedule

  • Revenue Forecast

  • Purchase Orders

  • The following configuration pages:

    • Cost centres

    • Disciplines

    • Project types

    • Payment terms

    • Payment types

    • Write-off reasons

    • Roles

    • Titles

    • Contact status

    • Invoice numbers

    • Credit numbers

    • Overtime rates

    • Standard project tasks

Notes: When you go to a pre-filtered page such as "Unpaid Invoices", or "Draft Invoices" from the stats bar, this is effectively applying a filter to your "Invoices" screen - this filter will be remembered for 60 minutes, so if you go back to "Invoices" you will still see a filter by draft/unpaid, after 60 minutes, your default filter will be applied again.

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