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Reordering Phases, Stages, and Tasks
Reordering Phases, Stages, and Tasks

How to reorder in the work breakdown

Updated over a week ago

When in planning mode in the work breakdown, you can reorder phases, stages, or tasks in two ways.

1. Reorder by row at a time

When you hover over a row, you will see arrowheads appear at the start of the row. You can move the row up or down by clicking in the direction of the arrowhead.

2. Reorder across multiple rows

If you have many stages and clicking a row at a time is not practical, use the 'Sorting' option.

To access the 'Sorting' page:

  • Click on the ellipsis menu icon in the top right.

  • Select Sorting.

  • Drag the row you want to move in the new desired position.

  • Click 'Save'

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