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Project transactions - timesheets and expenses
Project transactions - timesheets and expenses
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Use the project transactions tab to see a list of all the items that have been allocated to the project.

Transaction types

  • Staff timesheets

  • Staff cash expenses

  • Staff travel expenses

  • Office item expenses

Click on a column heading to sort the transactions in ascending or descending order to easily find the project transactions you require.

Check out which transactions are in WIP that can be invoiced this month, or switch to using the 'invoiced' list view to check on the transactions that were invoiced previously.

Learn more about the project transactions tab.

Open the search and filters panel to restrict the list to only show transactions of a certain type (e.g. only staff cash expenses) or only transactions at a certain status (e.g. only WIP status transactions).

Transaction status options

  • WIP - Work In Progress transactions that are available to be invoiced.

  • Invoiced - Item has already been included on an invoice. Switch to the invoices view to find out the invoice number.

  • Written off - Item has been written off which stops it being invoiced to the client. Switch to the written off list view to find out more details about the write off reason.

  • Locked - Stop the item from being invoiced this month by locking the transaction. The transaction can be unlocked and included in a future months invoice.

  • Draft invoice - Shown when the transaction is attached to a draft invoice, to explain why it cannot be edited.

Learn more about the project transactions tab.

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