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How do I install Sage connect?
How do I install Sage connect?
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Sage is an on-premise software, which means you will need assistance from customer support to load or you can download the on-premise installer.

  1. Login to Synergy. Note: you will need to have Administrator rights on your computer.

  2. From the Sage connect page (Organisation menu > Connect to accounting > Sage Connect), click on ‘download’.

  3. Open the ‘Synergy5.connect.OnPremise.Installer.msi’ file.

While that is downloading, you can configure your Sage Connect settings in Synergy.

  • Click ‘+ Add new’ from the drop-down.

  • Type the name of your configuration.

  • Then click 'copy guid to clipboard'.

  1. Open the Wizard and click through the prompts to install the agent.

  2. From the ‘Run prompt’, enter “configure”.

  3. Leave the ‘Insert Sage location installation’ as the default.

  4. Paste the Guid key in.

  5. Enter your Sage username and password.

  6. In the dialog, select the company you want to connect.

  7. Then, click on ‘Connect to Sage’.

Other information

Sage Connect supports:

Version 26 - 2019
Version 27 - 2020
Version 28 - 2021
Version 29 - 2023

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