Synergy release - 12 July 2021

July release 2021

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In this first release of the financial year, we've made a heap of changes to the SharePoint connector, updated the look and feel of Synergy CRM, improved invoicing performance, and, honestly, heaps more things. Read about all of them below!



  • There are some new options in how you sync to SharePoint! You can now have a SharePoint site per year, a SharePoint site per year, and a document library per office or a SharePoint site per project. Read more

Synergy CRM

  • We’ve taken your feedback and transformed CRM visually - you'll now see it split into three panels will more real estate for your to-dos and opportunities.

  • We’ve added a new menu item under the project list to take you straight to Synergy CRM



  • Availability will now be included in our business product. Read more

Resource Planning

  • Users will now be able to have a read-only view of the resource planning board - they can see what they’re assigned to work on and for how long.

Folder Sync

  • We've added an extra option for naming conventions in Folder sync - ‘Project Number + Project External Name’ Read more

Fixes and Improvements

  • Added a new API endpoint for staff calendars

  • You can now see the start and expiry dates of add-ons you’ve purchased on your subscription page

  • The columns headers on timesheets will now freeze as you scroll down the page.

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