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Feature requests in the Community
Feature requests in the Community

Everything you need to know about logging your Feature Request in our Community, including the Upvoting process.

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In the Total Synergy Community, we encourage you to tell us what you want to see in Synergy - is there a change we could make that would make your workflow easier? a new feature you'd love to see? This is your opportunity to let us know all about what you want to see in the product! Posting your feature requests in the Community is a great way for other Synergy users and the Total Synergy team to see what changes and new things you are looking for.

Posting / Submitting your idea

To post your ideas you will need to be logged into the Total Synergy Community (see Previous steps above).

Submit your Idea through "Feature Requests"

  1. Under "Product Feedback" on the left-hand side menu click on "Feature Requests".

  2. Click the "Add idea" button.

  3. Create your post and include:

    • Title: A very brief summary of what you'd like to see in the product.

    • Content: Describe your idea - ensure you provide detail on what the new feature or improvement is so that others can understand your concept - this helps with your idea being "Upvoted".

    • Tags: Use the tags to include where in the product this relates to.

  4. Once filled out - click Publish

Feature Request example:


  • Your post should include a what, and a why? What you'd like to see and why this would be a benefit to you and other Synergy users, will it save time? Improve workflow? Add a functionality improvement to an existing feature? We love details!

  • Each post should contain just one idea - if you have multiple ideas/suggestions, please break them up into individual posts. This makes it easier for other users to agree with your idea and upvote.

The Feature Request page


Upvoting is a way for us to connect to the Synergy community, and deliver what people really want. Using this method allows the Total Synergy Product team a way to assess what our users want, and the more users that vote for a specific feature, the more likely it is to be developed in a future release if it aligns with something we're working on.

  • Within the Feature Requests board, find any Feature Request post that you agree would make a good addition to Synergy, and click the up arrow on the left hand side of the post.

  • The number below the upvote arrow is the number of users that have voted on the request.

  • To expand the full post - click on the content of the Post, and you'll be taken to the full post where you can also Vote, Follow, and Share the idea as well as leave a comment, and rather what other users have added to the idea.


  • You can only vote on a request once, clicking Upvote once you've already voted will remove your vote.

  • You can leave a comment if you'd like to add additional detail to the idea.

Feature Request status labels

Once you have posted your feature request you will receive a response from the Total Synergy Team. From there we will be sure to let you know if your request has been successful and will be included or if we will not be implementing it in future versions of the product.

Status Label

What it means for you


Feature has been submitted, Total Synergy know about it.


It's on our roadmap for future development.

In Progress

It is being developed.

In Beta

It has been developed and is in Beta for testing.


It has been released and available now.

Where to next?

What other features does this relate to?

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