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Synergy Release - 11 July 2022

July Release 2022

Updated over a week ago

Our July release is all about The Planning Board - making it faster and easier to use. We've changed the way the resource board loads, added a new filter, and improved how unassigned roles work. Read about the changes below!


Planning Board Performance

Resource Planning

  • From the Resource Board, only the first 30 resources will load, instead of 100, which means you’ll see your Resources faster - just scroll to see the next 30!

  • We’ve also removed Unassigned roles from showing, by default, which drastically improves how long it takes for the Resource Plan to load.

  • To see unassigned roles for a specific rate only, use the new Rate filter, which will filter to show only People with that Rate assigned to them (as primary or secondary). Read More

  • Use the new unassigned roles filter to see unassigned work in a future period you choose

Revenue Forecasting

  • The Gross Revenue graph at the bottom of the page will load after the project data above it - making it quicker to see what you need to.

Resource Reallocation

We’ve made it easy to reallocate resources from one person to another, with our new Reallocate side pane. Read more

  • From Resource Planning and the Planning Board you can reallocate all or some resourcing from one person to another, specifying one or more Projects.

  • From the Project Schedule, you can reallocate a resource from one person or another from a single stage or across the whole Project.

  • When using the new Reallocation pane, you can specify the dates you’re reallocating the resources between.


  • Added tooltips to some of our tables, so now, when a label might otherwise by cut off by the space of the drop down, the fill label will show in a tooltip.

  • The Resourcing page now displays the full days hours for unavailable days.

  • Fixed an issue where the arrows from the Forecast Revenue screen were incorrectly showing as red even when the Forecast was balanced.

  • Fixed an issue where you couldn’t clear a Staff member from a Budget line in the work breakdown

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