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Synergy release - 15 August 2022

August release 2022

Updated over a week ago

Our August release focuses on helping you organise your staff and get better insights on your business through our Power BI Dashboards (Preview) and Synergy HR (Paid addon) updates. We've worked hard to resolve minor issues in key areas of the product including timesheets and Resource planning. Read all about the changes below.


Power BI Dashboards

We've created an array of Power BI dashboards for you to choose from and utilise for smarter, easier and better reporting on your business and staff.

  • Business - Revenue and Invoicing information

  • Finance - Examination of money owed

  • Sales - Analysis of proposals and performance of sales

  • People - Examination of Utilisation

  • Projects - $ Performance of People

To learn more about Power BI follow the link: Synergy Analytics or speak with your CSM.

NOTE: This preview has been turned on for Enterprise users. Preview allows these companies to explore and provide feedback to us on the Dashboards. Moving forward we will explore expanding the preview to our Business customers. As Total Synergy has a large customer base with very many different types and sizes of business, we are managing and restricting access to ensure we can observe the success of the solution and continue to work on optimising for the best results.


Synergy HR (Paid Add-on)

  • Timesheets are automatically updated with any upcoming approved leave and unavailability both for individuals or groups. Read more

  • Generate custom reports easier than ever on your leave applications, activity and balances. (NEW)

  • Generate custom reports on employee qualifications and skills with an added 'Expiring qualifications' standard report. (NEW)

  • HR Managers or above can now generate custom reports on employee private details and custom fields. e.g. Employee laptop id's or tax file numbers.

  • Now you can define your unavailability down to the hour. e.g. staff training session or team lunches.

  • A new Team Availability Calander View has been added making it easier for all employees to see who is available and when. Read more

  • Leave balances on approvals can now be seen making it easier to see what an employees leave balance will be before approving a leave application.

  • We've made some changes to our leave policy creator so that you now have more flexibility to create leave policies for your organisation.

  • Policies configuration now supports the ability to hide the leave balances from the employees.

  • Bulk assign leave polices to an entire office, team or group of employees through the excel import sheets.

  • Standard report available to export employee leave balances necessary for cross checking balances with balances in external payroll system.

Fixed Issues:

  • Fixed an issue where transactions weren't appearing on initial load of the page due to filters being remembered from other projects.

  • Fixed an issue where expanding some unassigned roles on the Resource Planning wasn’t loading all details and might show an error message.

  • Fixed an issue where the filter from the List view also affected the Kanban view of CRM Projects.

  • Fixed an issue where sometimes approving a timesheet without a lock might remain unapproved.

  • Fixed an issue where clicking the notification to see a timesheet error would display an error message.

  • Fixed an issue where sometimes generating a custom report that contains a column for Staff or Project date might show an error that prevents the report from being exported.

  • Fixed an issue where unchecking “Read staff actual costs" within the security matrix didn’t disable access.

  • Fixed an issue where travel expenses couldn't be exported from the timesheet page directly.

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