How to Edit Timesheets

How can I edit or update timesheets

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How to edit timesheets and what transaction status options allow the timesheet to be edited in Synergy.

  1. Hover over the timesheet line you would like to edit, select the '...' on the right-hand side of the bar and select 'Edit details'.

  2. This unlocks all project information fields on the timesheet line including the project, stage, task rate and hours entered against days.

  3. Select save in the top right-hand corner of the screen to save your changes to the timesheet.

Transaction status options that allow edit

Status option

Edit allowed




Transactions default to WIP status when created.



Transactions linked to a draft or finalized invoice cannot be edited in staff timesheets.

Written-off (no billing fee type stages)


Transactions are automatically written-off when entered for a no-billing fee type stage. Edit is allowed for this type of write-off.

Written-off (billable stage fee types)


Transactions are written-off by the project manager in the project > transactions tab. This type of write-off does not allow any further edits of the timesheet.



The transaction has been queried by the project manager and requires to be updated before it can be included on any project invoices. Edit is allowed.



The transaction has been locked by the project manager in the project > transactions tab. Edit is not allowed.

Editing timesheets entered across multiple days of the week.

When a timesheet has been entered across multiple days of the week, a transaction is created for each day that time has been entered against. The edit options available for this timesheet line will depend on what has been done with the individual transactions.

  • Edit allowed - all fields on the timesheet row are unlocked and can be edited.

  • Edit disabled - If there is a padlock symbol next to any days of the week on the timesheet line the timesheet information cannot be edited. (e.g. the project details, note, and the number of hours on invoiced days cannot be changed). However, you can edit the extra days of the week where 'locked' transactions don't already exist.

You can use this feature to correct any timesheets you may have entered incorrectly.


  • If there's a padlock next to your timesheet entry, the entry has already been invoiced, written off or locked.

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