Pending timesheet approvals

Check which staff have timesheets pending approval

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Edition: Professional, Business, Enterprise

User-level: Project manager and above

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Once you have enable timesheet approvals you will be able to see when staff have 'pending' entries. You can check which timesheets are pending approval through the timesheets and timesheet summary screen.


  1. Go to the Organisation menu > Timesheets

  2. Click into the staff selector - The circle with initials or photo next to the date range

  3. Names with a blue dot beside have timesheets waiting to be approved. Clicking on the name will take you to their timesheet.

Timesheet Summary

  1. Organisation menu > Timesheets > Timesheets menu > Summary

  2. Open 'Direct reports' to see all staff that report to you.

  3. Click on the staff name to open their timesheet entries for the current month. Any weeks not approved will have an 'Approve' button to the right-hand side.


  • A blue dot next to staff in the selector shows that this staff member has a timesheet awaiting review.

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