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Timesheet auto-approvals

How to set up auto-approvals for timesheets

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Edition: Business, Enterprise

User-level: Director, Assistant administrator, System administrator

Make your workload lighter by allowing Synergy to auto-review your timesheets for approvals based on your pre-set criteria. The steps below detail how to turn on timesheet approvals and what criteria can be set.

How to enable auto-approvals

Once yo have you have turned on timesheet approvals you will be able to turn on the auto-approvals from:

'Organisation > Settings > Timesheets > Timesheet Approvals'

Any timesheets that match your set criteria will be automatically marked as 'Complete' on the timesheet summary page. Any timesheets that do not match this criteria will be marked as 'Incomplete'.


Criteria for auto-approvals

You can set criteria for the timesheet to be auto-approved including:

  • The staff member is resourced on the project stages listed on the timesheet.

  • The total time matches the staff's calendar.

  • No time is logged on weekends.

  • There is no cash or travel component.

Any timesheets that match the selected criteria will be auto approved from the timesheets section.


When auto-approvals are enabled, staff who enter more than their standard hours will not have their timesheets auto-approved. These timesheets will need to be approved by their direct report in Synergy as they no longer match the criteria set.

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