Timesheet approval chat

How to communicate efficiently around timesheet entries, cash and travel expenses with Timesheet approvals turned on.

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Edition: Professional, Business, Enterprise

User-level: Project manager and above

In the chat, you can start a conversation about timesheet entries, cash, travel expenses. Whenever you send a message, the recipient will be notified that there's a comment waiting for them to read. Who doesn't love an easier way to communicate?

Anyone with access to a user's timesheet can comment in the chat, a notification is sent to the user, manager, and the user who has commented.

As the timesheet owner, the messages will go to your manager. If you are viewing someone else's timesheet, the message will go to them.

When Timesheet approvals are turned on, you can start a conversation like so:

  1. From the Timesheet screen, and next to the Approve button you will see the chat icon.

  2. Click the chat icon and a chat panel will appear.

  3. Write your comment here, and click send (or hit the enter button).

A notification will now go to the relevant parties, and communication can continue as required.


Every timesheet week has its own chat feed to keep things dedicated to that week's timesheets only, this prevents accidents happening and keeps everything relevant to the week at hand.

The timesheet approval chat allows for direct messaging within Synergy when there's any missing timesheet data, or if the owner of a timesheet is unsure that it is correct before submitting.

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