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Staff timesheet rates

how to set staff rates, what rates can staff use in timesheets

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Edition: Professional, Business, Enterprise

User-level: Director and above

What are staff rates?

You can control what rates each staff member can use in their timesheets on the Staff > Rates tab. Rates are used to control what the charge-out value is per hour for each type of work.

Example: the rate of 'architect' is charged out on projects at $110 per hour. The rate name description shown here is normally also shown on the invoice to the client.

How to add timesheet rates?

  1. Check the box for each of the rates that you want the staff member to be able to use.

  2. Mark one of these rates as the 'primary' rate. This will default onto each new timesheet entry line that a staff member creates.

  3. Make sure to 'Save' all changes.


  • The rates selected on this tab will appear in the 'rate' drop down in timesheets for the staff member. You will need to add all the rates to each staff member that they will need to use for their timesheet entry.

  • If you remove a Rate option mid-week, Staff that have already used that rate will get an error for not having access to the rate anymore. It's best to only remove a Rate at the very start or end of a timesheet week to avoid any errors when doing further updates to a timesheet.

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