Rate error message on timesheet

Timesheets could not be approved because rates are not assigned to staff

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Edition: Professional, Business, Enterprise

User-level: System Administrator

If you have received the error message 'Timesheets could not be approved because rates are not assigned to staff', as seen below:

This means that you no longer have the rate used in this timesheet line assigned to you.

In order to save this timesheet, we would recommend either.

A) Asking someone with system administrator rights to perform the following

  1. Go to Organisation menu > Staff.

  2. Click into your staff profile.

  3. Select the Employee menu > Financials > Rates.

  4. Re-assign this rate to you by checking the check box under 'selected rates'

  5. Once updated, you can save your timesheet.

B) Change the rate used

If this rate is not applicable to this timesheet, you can change the rate used.

  1. Hover over the timesheet line and select edit details.

  2. Select the rate and change from the dropdown menu as seen in the pop-out screen below:

  3. Once done, select close and save the timesheet in the top right-hand corner.

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