How to resend a welcome email

How do I resend a welcome email to invite staff into the migrated organisation?

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Edition: Enterprise, Business

User-level: System administrator

During the final migration process, your sandbox organisation will be replaced with the newly migrated organisation. Any staff members that accessed your sandbox organisation will need to be invited to the new organisation. They can accept the staff invitation without needing to create a new Synergy cloud profile.
Use these steps to resend the welcome email:

1. Organisation menu > Staff

2. Verify that the email address displayed for each staff member is correct. This is the email address that the welcome email is sent to

3. Click the edit button at the end of the row and select Resend welcome email

4. Repeat this step for each staff member

5. The staff member must click the Join now in the new welcome email to be able to access the migrated organisation


Don't forward the welcome email from one staff member to another. The welcome email must be sent from the staff list as the email address on the staff record is used to verify their access

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