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How to switch Organisations in Fieldbook
How to switch Organisations in Fieldbook

Learn how to switch organisations in the Fieldbook App.

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Edition: Professional, Business, Enterprise

User-level: Any user with Fieldbook access.

If you are user of more than one Organisation that has assigned you Fieldbook access, you can keep track of your tasks easily by switching between Organisations in the Synergy Fieldbook app.

When you tap on the menu in the header, you will see your Organisation name and the organisation logo used in Synergy displayed.

To change your organisation

  1. Press the drop-down arrow next to your organisation name.

  2. Choose the organisation you want to view.

  3. Tap OK to confirm the switch.

When you change organisations, you will only see the data for the organisation you are logged into.


In order to see multiple Organisations, you will need to be using the same email address for every Organisation you are apart of. The Fieldbook app will only show you the Organisations linked to the email address you logged in with.

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