Consumables In Fieldbook

This article explains how to navigate consumables in fieldbook

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Edition: Professional, Business, Enterprise

User-level: Any user with Fieldbook access.

Previous steps: Tasks in Fieldbook

In Synergy, "Consumables" are the different resources you consume while on the site. The list of Consumables is customisable when using Synergy.

To add consumables to a Task in Fieldbook:

  1. Open Synergy's Fieldbook app on your device, log in if required.

  2. Select the Task you're currently working on, this will take you to the Task details.

  3. Click on "Consumables"

  4. Enter each Consumable you used during your day

    • You can add multiple Consumables, but only one of each, per save of your task.

  5. Click the back arrow in the left hand corner to save your changes.

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