How to view notifications.

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Learn how to manage Synergy activity through available notifications and understand types of Synergy notifications.

Available Notifications

View unread notifications, or new notifications from the Synergy team the following 2 ways:

Browser Tab:

A red dot is shown on the web browser tab itself. The red dot is removed once all notifications have been read.

App Toolbar:

A red circle is shown in the toolbar on desktop, and mobile devices. The circle changes to a teal colour when all notifications have been read.

Notification Types

Application Notifications:

Notifications are sent in Synergy when certain actions are performed, or when files or details are shared.

Application notification types are:

  • New organization(s) created by you

  • Added to a project as a project manager

  • Documents or images shared with you

Click the notification icon to open your notifications.

Click ‘View all notifications’ to access the notifications screen to manage your notifications.

Synergy notifications can also be sent to your email, click the ‘cogs wheel icon’ to manage your email notifications frequency.

Synergy Notifications:

These notifications are created by the Synergy team to send you important updates about the product, news, and events.

  • News - Details about new events available. Read more about the Synergy event. Shown in a banner with an image background.

  • Information - New features or release is available. Shown in an aqua blue banner. Read more about what's new.

  • Alert - Warning or notification about a Synergy service or integration. Shown in a red banner.

View new and previous notifications to be across all information about recent Synergy activity for your account.

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